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The leaves have turned from green to yellow and red. We can feel the crispness in the air. Summer has come to a close and we are officially in Fall. When the season shifts we start to see the rise in incidents of Common Cold and Flu. These are both highly contagious an...

Sneezing, runny nose, watery and/or itchy eyes, itchy throat, headache, hives, heaviness in the head are symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Allergies, more specifically allergic rhinitis, are in simple terms the body’s inability to adapt to an aspect of its enviro...

Migraine headaches are very common to many here in Calgary. With the chinooks that occur regularly it seems as though most people are aware of what a migraine headache is, experience them themselves or at the very least know someone who does.

A migraine is a type of hea...

Obesity or being overweight has become a cause for concern. Not because Hollywood gives the impression that we need to look like Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, Zach Effron, or Channing Tatum. I would love it if we all could forget about the unrealistic expectations th...

Cupping is one of the commonly used modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been used for over two thousand years. It is incredible how many patients I have that come in and tell me that their grandmother or mother used to do cupping on them when they...

It’s decided, you are going to give acupuncture a go. Maybe you are dealing with an injury that just isn’t improving. Perhaps someone has told you how much it

helped with something similar to what you are dealing with. Maybe you are just curious enough that you are read...

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What to expect at your acupuncture visit?

March 13, 2017

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